We live in a world that needs a message of hope. The brokenness and pain we feel are reminders that all is not well.  We each know what discouraging days look like and what seasons of struggle are spiritually. So how are we to live in the presence of sin, hardship, persecution, and trials? Followers of Christ are to live hopefully! This is the message of Peter to these first Christians who lived in a dark world. They felt the oppressive forces that had come against them because of their faith in Christ. We are reminded that hope is not found in the absence of pain and difficulty, but in the presence of Christ’s very Spirit who lives in our hearts.

As we journey together through 1st Peter we are reminded that God is accomplishing His purposes on earth. God is not standing idly by as His people suffer. He has a plan. He has a Church. He has a purpose. His plans and His purposes will take place in us and through us as we grab hold of the hope we have found in Christ. We can persevere. We can live holy lives. We can press on to great days! This is a timely message for you and me. Let us open up our hearts to hear what God is teaching us in the coming months as learn to live with hope!

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