Life Changing Belief Sermon Series

The Christian life is about belief in a Person. Belief is not just about a set of principles that you abide by, it is a Person in whom you abide. Belief is not a mere intellectual consent to what Christ claimed, but a life changing embracement of all that He IS and longs to do in our world.
If Christianity is a dynamic and active relationship with Jesus Christ, why do we often struggle in our faith? The difference between a vibrant relationship and a distant relationship with Christ is often found in our belief and trust in Christ.  We often struggle in our faith because we do not fully know about all that Christ claimed to be.  We have to know the WHO of what Christ claimed to be before we can truly experience the life changing message of the gospel. Something amazing happened to all that responded in faith to Christ’s message. Once people came to a place of active trust in Who Christ claimed to be, they became an infectious witness of Christ. That is the theme of John’s Gospel. Those who truly believed then gave witness of their lives to the very source of Life. Our world is dying to see Christians give witness to the very life of Christ. Let us open our hearts to seeing Him again in His Word so that He may strengthen our belief.


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