Millbrook Children’s Ministry

Central Park is the pre-school age children’s worship experience. Kidz City is the elementary age children’s worship experience at Millbrook Baptist Church. Both are a safe, fun and exciting place for your kids to learn about God and bring children closer to Jesus! At Millbrook Baptist, we know that Children matter to God. We LOVE kids because God loves kids! Whether it’s our fun and engaging services, our emphasis on friendly interaction, or even our safe and secure check-in and check-out, we exist to serve kids and their families! We look forward to having you join us this weekend!

With Millbrook Children’s Ministry you can expect:

Engaging and age-appropriate environments: At both Central Park and Kidz City, coming to church can be an adventure. We have an incredible facility that captures the imagination. Through our environments, we set the stage to teach kids about God in a creative and relevant way.

Safe and secure experiences: Your child’s safety is our top priority. We’ve taken every step necessary to ensure a safe and secure environment. From facility design, thorough policies and volunteer training, parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands.

Friendly and relational care: Beautiful environments and fun programs are great, but where we strive to excel is in our relational care. We work hard to create communities where kids develop healthy and strong relationships with peers and adult leaders who serve as spiritual role models and mentors.

First Time Guest
We’d love to have your kids as our guest this Sunday! At Central Park one of our check-in volunteers will help provide you with a nametag for your child and show you the way to our exciting environments. Look for the signs. If you need assistance, look for one of our volunteers with an “Ask Me” lanyard and they will be happy to help.

Need more info? Please contact us
At Millbrook Baptist Church, kids have a creative environment to learn about Jesus! We believe that when children are having fun, they are actively engaged in the lesson; when they are actively engaged in the lesson, they are learning; and when they are learning, they are growing.

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