All Student Ministry Connection Groups meet at the Mill at 10:15 AM
Breakfast Served at 10:00 AM each week


6th – 8th Grade Girls: Tricia Brown and Nancy Starches

6th Grade Boys: Verne Mooneyhan and Glenn Parker

7th and 8th Grade Girls: Beth Busby, Stefanie Eaves, Lizzie Abshire

7th and 8th Grade Boys: Harry Harmon and Greg Eaves

9th and 10th Grade Girls: Julie Wilhite and Tracy Page

9th and 10th Grade Boys: Rob Wilhite and Neely Page

11th Grade Girls: Marsha Hall and Mary Beth Laird

11th Grade Boys: Jason Hall and Brett Laird

12th Grade Girls: Cristie Caldwell, Beverly Willis, Cara Leverette

12th Grade Boys: Rick Caldwell and Chad Leverette